Vehicle technology augments, not replaces, our senses

Today I’m sharing a story about what one might call the hubris of technology. Maybe I should subtitle it, “On the Dangers of Letting Tech Make Us Sloppy and Lazy.” Or maybe I should just stop the preamble and start telling the story!

So I’m sitting in my car in a parking lot in Orleans. I’ve settled into a nice delineated slot and am sipping on the water and nibbling the afternoon snack I’ve just acquired when my car starts shaking. Shaken myself, I look up to see another vehicle pressing ever so slowly into my passenger side rear quarter panel.

“Honk!” I blast my horn to alert the driver that I’m here.

The vehicle moves forward a foot and then – as I watch in slo-mo disbelief – backs into me again.

“Honk-honk-honk” I hit my horn repeatedly.

The car pauses again, pulls slightly forward and as it begins its backward motion yet again, I jump out of my car, run around to the other side, and tap on the moving vehicle’s window.

The driver looks at me with a mix of annoyance and surprise. Her body, stopped in mid-acceleration, clearly wants to continue the parking lot maneuvers but with my face hovering at her passenger window, she has to stop.

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