National Technology Day 2022: A look at 5 pieces of tech we can’t do without

It’s National Technology Day (May 11) in India. It is celebrated to honor Indian scientists ‘and scientific workers’ contributions to the field. Just a few decades ago, technology was something that appeared enigmatic. We sure had machines but the tech-driven world we have today and the way tech solutions have reached even the person on … Read more

Scientists solve an Antarctic puzzle

The rapid collapses of two ice shelves on the Antarctic Peninsula over the past quarter-century were now likely triggered by the arrival of huge plumes of warm, moisture-laden air that created extreme conditions and destabilized the ice, researchers said Thursday. The disintegration of the Larsen A shelf in 1995 and the Larsen B shelf in … Read more

Imagine another world. Now imagine 5,000 more, Science News

In January 1992, a pair of astronomers reported a discovery that changed the course of scientific history: They found planets outside our solar system. The detection of the first confirmed exoplanets – the term for worlds that orbit other stars – validated dreamers who for centuries believed that “innumerable celestial bodies, stars, globes, suns and … Read more

Scientists discover ice volcanoes on the dwarf planet Pluto, Science News

A group of dome-shaped ice volcanoes that appear unlike anything else known in our solar system and may still be active have been spotted on Pluto. This discovery was made using data from NASA’s New Horizons mission, and it indicates that this remote frozen world is more dynamic than previously thought. According to scientists, the … Read more

Scientists identify the formation of three planetary systems around this binary star, Science News

Scientists have identified the formation of three planetary systems around a binary star system called SVS 13. Located 980 light-years away, the binary star system and the complex structures of dust around it are shedding light on how planetary systems are born in these fascinating environments. The research has been accepted by The Astrophysical Journal … Read more