Redbud Festival in North Topeka’s NOTO Arts District runs to May 7

Now is the time. NOTO is the place.

The Redbud Festival runs through May 7.

“April is really our time where we really kick our feet up,” said Staci Dawn Ogle, program and communications coordinator for the NOTO Arts & Entertainment District. “The weather’s nice. We want to plan events in Redbud Park.”

NOTO runs events year round and has 57 planned for 2022.

“It really is a great way for us to activate our season of activities and the events we have going on,” Ogle said. “We don’t really do a whole lot in January and February, March is a little slow,” she said.

‘It really inspired us to put together a festival’

NOTO Redbud Festival was created after a Boy Scout planted 35 redbud trees throughout the district a few years ago.

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