New water treatment plant uses Ion Exchange Technology

COLORADO SPRINGS – A new water treatment facility will utilize cartridge, ultraviolet, and ion exchange filtration to deliver up to 1 million gallons of water a day in Stratmoore Hills.

The Stratmoor Hills Water District and Board of Directors are proud to celebrate the completion of a $ 3 million centralized water treatment facility. This new facility will deliver clean, safe drinking water, free from perfluorinated chemicals (PFOS and PFOA) to communities. It will also allow the Water District to utilize its three groundwater wells year-round, only relying on the Fountain Valley Authority on an as-needed basis.

The water treatment plant was developed in partnership with the United States Air Force (USAF) and a low-interest loan from the Colorado Water Resources & Power Development Authority (CWRPDA).

Courtesy of Stratmoor Hills Water District

PFCs are a broad range of compounds used in numerous applications including stain repellents for textiles, additive to paper products and aqueous film forming foams used to fight electrical fires. These chemicals have affected tens of thousands of residents including over 6,500 customers of the Stratmoor Hills Water and Sanitation Districts, according to District Manager Kevin W. Niles.

Prior to 2016, the Water District relied on groundwater from three wells to provide drinking water to the community of Stratmoor Hills. Once PFOS and PFOA were detected in the Widefield Aquifer, the Water District terminated the use of wells and relied solely on its partnership with the Fountain Valley Authority (FVA). FVA delivers water directly from Pueblo Reservoir.

The Water District began working with the USAF to remediate PFOS / PFOA using ion exchange filtration designed by Evoqua Water Technologies. Starting in 2017, the Water District utilized ion exchange at one of its groundwater wells, but still supplemented water with deliveries from Fountain Valley Authority.

In 2019, the Water District received a low interest $ 3 million loan from CWRPDA to develop and build a centralized water treatment facility for all three wells. Although the project was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic, the Water District was able to work with its General Contractor, Glacier Construction, to complete the new facility in early 2022.

The Stratmoor Hills Water District will hold an open house for community members, May 20. It will be open from 1 pm to 3 pm at 3118 Glenarm Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

For more information, contact the Stratmoor Hills Water District at (719) 576-0311.


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