How did the world of entertainment look 15 years ago?

The Hidden Remote team is celebrating FanSided’s 15-year anniversary the best way we know how, with TV and movie fun! In this piece, we look back at the world of entertainment 15 years ago to see how much things have changed. Join us for a fun dose of nostalgia.

How did the world of entertainment look 15 years ago?

Do you remember which movie was on top of the box office in the year 2007? What about the highest paid actor? Who was your TV crush 15 years ago? Read on to open up our entertainment time capsule and look back at how movies, TV, and the world of entertainment in general has changed.

How much did movie tickets cost 15 years ago?

Great quality films were already available to stream online before the pandemic, but COVID-19 truly gave it a big push. Now, we can find just about any movie we want online (legally!) and many films have a streaming debut on a streaming platform instead of on the big screen. That, or both a streaming and theater release. If you do go to the movie theater today, one ticket costs an average of $17, depending on the day and time you go. The cost 15 years ago? Only $6.88, according to The Numbers.

Who were the highest paid actors and actresses in 2007?

The highest grossing movie stars of the year 2007 were Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, and Will Ferrell, in this order. As for the top three highest paid actresses, they were Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie, and Cameron Diaz.

The top 10 movies in theaters in 2007

Here is what the box office looked like 15 years ago, we list the top 10 movies of 2007 (domestically). It’s crazy how the world of entertainment has changed.

  1. Spider Man 3
  2. Shrek the Third
  3. Transformers
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
  5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  6. The Bourne Ultimatum
  7. 300
  8. Ratatouille
  9. I Am Legend
  10. The Simpsons Movie

Did we have streaming services in 2007?

The year 2007 is actually the year many streaming platforms launched. Netflix launched in January 2007, Amazon Prime Video just ahead of Netflix on September 2006, and Hulu went live on October 2007. Look how far all three of them are now. Not to mention, the competition they also now have.

How much did cable cost in 2007?

Oh, cable. You were frustrating and often unreliable, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss having all my favorite channels in one place. Now, each platform has something different. I’m not complaining, but cable was very convenient. The price, though? Not as convenient. In 2007, the average price for cable was $70.29. But think about it, that’s about how much we’re all spending a month on all of these streaming services, isn’t it?

MTV was reality TV heaven in 2007

These days, you can’t escape reality TV. There are reality shows on Netflix, HBO Max, network TV, you name it! Some great, some not so much! In 2007, reality TV was still finding its audience. Keeping Up with the Kardashians launched in October 2007, but let’s not forget about The Simple Life, and underrated reality TV series that arguably started the reality life trend. But for the best (and trashiest) reality TV, MTV was the spot.

What was hot on TV in 2007?

If you turned on your TV on Friday night in 2007, you’d see Ghost Whisperer, Deal or No Deal, and reruns of movies such as Friday Night Lights. Later on in the weekend, new episodes of COPS (or reruns of it) and 48 Hours would-air.

Your Monday through Thursday schedule would then include America’s Next Top Model, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Chuck, Beauty and the Geek, Pushing Daisies, Smallville, and My name is Earl.

What is your favorite TV or movie memory from the year 2007? Is there a particular series or movie you miss?

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