Harlem Globetrotters at Reed Arena on April 4

It’s still basketball season here in the Brazos Valley as the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters are set to play at Reed Area on April 4th.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — While the main attraction at Reed Arena for Monday night is going to be the professionals, the halftime entertainment is when the local stars come out.

By stars, we mean the Boys and Girls Club of the Brazos Valley.

KAGS’ own Justin Woodard and Jordan Adams will be taking on Traci Thomas and Roderick Harris Jr. from the club in a little half court action.

“Our kids are so excited about going to this game and seeing Coach Ghost and Ms. Tracy whoop up on KAGS,” Thomas said.

This year’s halftime entertainment is a classic 2 on 2 basketball game between two of the Brazos Valley’s very best, the Boys and Girls Club of the Brazos Valley and KAGS News.

Unfortunately for KAGS, the Boys and Girls Club staff have some serious talent.

“I’ve been playing basketball since I was probably in sixth grade and played middle school, junior high high school, received a full scholarship to Texas A&M back in ’86,” Thomas said. “So I’ve been playing basketball for a long time. I can’t run like I used to, but I can see the shoot that rock.”

Along with an Aggie basketball player, the Boys and Girls Club staff have a former Kansas football player in Rodrick Harris Jr. on their roster as well. So it’s no surprise who the kids think will come out on top.

“Probably Ms. Tracy because Coach Ghost knows how to shoot and he knows how to dunk,” Tyler Lewis from the Boys and Girls Club said. “Ms. Tracy knows how to shoot, she dribbles a lot so yeah. The Globetrotters are out of there and you.”

Competition aside, the event will be a great time for everyone involved, especially for the kids at the Boys and Girls Club who love the game of basketball.

“They love it. They love it. As soon as they get here before they even do their homework and get a snack. They were like, Can we get a ball?” Thomas said. “Let’s get everybody signed in. We’ll take care of that later. Make sure you get your homework done. If you don’t have any projects due, we can play some basketball.”

According to Thomas, the Boys and Girls Club is planning to take a busload of kids to Monday night’s game, both as fans and cheerleaders.

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