Gunshots in NYC murder of Kade Lewin tore through business

The East Flatbush neighborhood where 12-year-old Kade Lewin was brutally killed is reeling from the tragedy, which left bullet holes in a nearby business and the owner fearing for her life.

The gunshots tore through the building’s windows and into the wall, destroying a mirror in the process, said the woman, who gave her name only as Patricia.

“I didn’t know the bullets came through the windows. The cops saw them and told me, ”said the beautician, who was not in the basement at the time of the 7:45 pm shooting.

12-year-old Kade Lewin was shot and killed by thugs who opened fire on the car he was sitting in with his 20-year-old cousin.

“I panicked. I was shaking, ”she said. “That God I wasn’t there. I could have been part of this. That’s where I normally work. Sometimes my daughter sits in that chair. ”

Kade, who lived in Flatlands with his mother Suzette, was shot dead by thugs who opened fire in what may have been a case of mistaken identity, according to police sources.

Kade’s cousin, 20, was in the driver’s seat and was wounded. An 8-year-old cousin in the backseat was uninjured.

Bullet holes
Bullets tore through a nearby beauty salon during the onslaught.
James Keivom for NY Post
Bullet holes
The bullets destroyed a mirror in the salon.
James Keivom for NY Post

The beautician said she saw a woman trying to revive Kade.

“She was holding his head,” she said. “It’s just scary. You are scared to be on the road. Now you are scared to be in your house. I could have been killed in my own home. This is going to take a while to process. ”

On Saturday neighbors paid tribute to the slain child at a makeshift memorial, near the site of the shooting.

Kade Lewin memorial
Kade Lewin’s family and friends remember the boy as intelligent, humble, and a nice “straight A student.”
James Keivom for NY Post
Police investigate the fatal shooting of Kade Lewin on E. 56th Street and Linden Blvd.
Police investigate the fatal shooting of Kade Lewin on E. 56th Street and Linden Blvd.
Seth Gottfried for NY Post

Friends and family who spoke to The Post on Saturday remembered Kade as a smart kid who was the apple of his mother’s eye.

“Straight A student,” said a man who identified himself as Kade’s older brother.

“That woman grew up her baby so good. She didn’t let him on the street, ”said Janet Moses, a family friend who was paying her respects at the memorial. “I can’t believe it. That’s her baby. Jesus Christ. That’s her heart. He was so humble, a nice little boy. ”

Suzette Lewin
Kade lived with his mother Suzette Lewin in Flatlands.
Steven Vago / NY Post

“That little boy is Suzie’s everything.”

Additional reporting by Khristina Narizhnaya and Melissa Klein


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