Science takes center stage at LSC’s Genius Gala

Paul Hoffman, the CEO, president, overseer and orchestrator of all the great things at the Liberty Science Center, couldn’t help but smile after the Genius Gala X on Monday night in Jersey City. He was amazed at the stories of the latest three honorees – Hugh Herr, Priyamvada Natarajan and Robert Montgomery – who certainly … Read more

Tell the truth on Facebook or risk your reputation

Credit: Unsplash / CC0 Public Domain Online social networks (OSN) like Facebook and Twitter have created a space for people to easily express their opinions, which can encourage open dialogue and stimulate the plenty of disagreements. Research now reveals that just like in face-to-face relationships, intellectually humble behavior, like admitting when you are wrong, leads … Read more

National Science Foundation: Innovation anywhere, opportunity everywhere

For more than two centuries, the generation upon generation of American ingenuity has dreamed, dared, and defied to make the impossible possible. Across the great landscape of American innovation, our nation’s many and varied research avenues have led to game-changing technologies that have helped solve our greatest challenges. However, global changes demand that we now … Read more

When Art Meets Science, and Bodies Visualize Antibodies

Inspired by recent research from the laboratory of Albert Heck (Hecklab) at Utrecht Universitya unique collaboration emerged with video artists from Sensu and performers from the Aerialettes. This artist impression visualizes how antibodies to combat diseases can be found in our own bodies. The science The way our immune system responds to pathogens varies from … Read more


Focus on how the brain enriches our lives, the investment will establish the Mike and Valeria Rosenbloom Center for Research on Positive Neuroscience Mike and Valeria Rosenbloom Valeria Rosenbloom and her late husband Mike Rosenbloom (z ”l) Montreal, QC, May 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – WEIZMANN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE CELEBRATES A … Read more

Political Science Grad Prepared for Life Beyond Politics

As the Class of 2022 Preparations for Commencement, May 6-7, The College Today will highlight how some of our graduating seniors spent their time at CofC, and what the future holds. Honors College student Zachary Kronsberg says his fascination with politics started at an early age. How early? The third grade. That’s when they decided … Read more

From the archives: Adventurers explore a volcano in ’33

To mark our 150th year, we’re revisiting the Popular Science stories (both hits and misses) that helped define scientific progress, understanding, and innovation — with an added hint of modern context. Explore the Notable pages and check out all our anniversary coverage here. Despite their tragic ends at Mount Unzen in Japan in 1991, prolific … Read more

Explainer: All about orbits | Science News for Students

Even in ancient times, stargazers knew that planets differed from stars. While stars always appeared in the same general place in the night sky, planets shifted their positions from night to night. They appeared to move across the backdrop of stars. Sometimes, the planets even appeared to move backward. (This behavior is known as retrograde … Read more

James Webb Telescope to face final test in space

The James Webb Telescope will see the birth of our origins as it tries to answer the questions about how our universe came to be. Before it peers at the edge of the universe, it will have to go through one final test after which the scientific operations will commence nearly 15,00,000 kilometers from Earth. … Read more