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Indian Weather

March 2022 Was the Hottest March in India’s Recorded History: IMD

March 2022 was the hottest March in India’s 122-year-old recorded history – ever since record-keeping began in 1901! Owing to higher-than-normal mercury levels and successful heatwaves in most parts of the country, last month’s average maximum surged to 33.1ºC, surpassing the previous all-time high recorded in March 2010, at 33.09ºC. More details here.

April 2022 Forecast: North, West-Central India to Endure Hotter Days; Above-Average Rainfall Likely over Southern States

For most Indians, the month of April is associated with the beginning of the summer vacations. But apart from the fun element, these holidays also bring along scorching summer heat. In fact, a similar situation seems to be on the cards for India this month, as indicated by the latest month-long forecast released by the IMD. Read the predictions here.

Russia-Ukraine War

Environmental Impacts of War: Ukraine’s Radioactive Trees, Ammonia-Laden Air, Starving Animals, and More

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has left the region reeling under a major global humanitarian crisis. From threats of radiation and hazardous chemicals to depletion of natural resources, Ukraine’s precious ecosystems are facing them all. For some of the latest news on how the conflict is taking a massive toll on the region and across the globe, click here.


Illustration of a Spinosaurus hunting its prey underwater.  (Davide Bonadonna / Fabbri, M., et al.)

Illustration of a Spinosaurus hunting its prey underwater.

(Davide Bonadonna / Fabbri, M., et al.)

Dense, Heavy Bones Helped Spinosaurus – the Monster from Jurassic Park III – Hunt Underwater, Study Finds

While Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park III showed the lead antagonist monster to be a proficient swimmer and a predator, the reptilian character was largely based on hypotheses designed by palaeontologists across the globe. Now, a new study has revealed that this dinosaur, named Spinosaurus, could hunt underwater thanks to its dense bones. Full story here.


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Release Some Previously Unseen Photos to Kickstart the Competition’s 2022 Edition

To celebrate the beginning of this year’s edition of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – a competition that focuses on the lighter side of life while simultaneously promoting wildlife conservation – its organizers have released some hilarious, previously unseen images from the 2021 competition! Check them out here.

Delhi’s Ghazipur Residents Left Gasping for Breath as Toxic Fumes from Landfill Fire Engulf the Region (PHOTOS)

A fire broke out at East Delhi’s Ghazipur dumping site on Monday, March 28, 2022, and the vicious fumes resulting from the inferno ended up blanketing the area. To know more about the incident and view photos of the landfill on fire, click here.


The hypergiant star.  (NASA, ESA, and R. Humphreys (University of Minnesota), and J. Olmsted (STScI))

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(NASA, ESA, and R. Humphreys (University of Minnesota), and J. Olmsted (STScI))

Meet the Earendel: Hubble Telescope Spots the Farthest Star Ever Seen, Located 12.9 Billion Light-Years Away!

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has successfully spotted the farthest individual star ever seen to date! This celestial object, which existed within the first billion years of the universe’s estimated birth, is so far away that its light has taken 12.9 billion years to reach the Earth! Read all about it here.

Watch the Sky: From Meteor Showers to Planet Conjunctions – Best Sky Events to Catch in April 2022

If you can tolerate the scorching temperatures, there’s a bright side to April’s summer days, especially if you’re a star-gazer: stunning, clear skies. They provide an impeccable chance to cherish the beauty of our cosmic neighborhood, and this April has some big astronomical events in store – ranging from meteor showers to the conjunction of planets. Check out the complete list here.

Pee to Fuel: System to Convert Wastewater Into Space Propellant on Mars Offers Hope to Decarbonize Earth’s Atmosphere

On Mars’ unforgiving terrain, where risks are abundant and basic resources like water are scarce, every drop counts when it comes to survival. And it appears the European Space Agency (ESA) has taken this quite literally, as it plans to use every last drop of astronaut waste and turn it into something valuable! Read more here.

Jeff Koons to Send His Sculptures to the Moon; Designs To Become the First ‘Authorized’ Artworks on Lunar Surface

In a bid to celebrate humanity’s accomplishments both within and beyond our own planet, world-famous sculptor Jeff Koons will be sending his sculptures to the Moon later this year! In doing so, they will become the first authorized artworks to be placed on the lunar surface. More details here.

Is Pluto Alive? Scientists Detect Two Huge Ice Volcanoes on the Dwarf Planet Suggesting Recent Interior Activity

In recent years, planetary scientists have come across some mysterious happenings in Pluto’s environment. With the help of detailed images from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, astronomers have detected clues of recently-active giant ice volcanoes on the surface of the distant, isolated dwarf world, which has made everyone wonder if the dwarf planet is alive! Continue reading here.

Cosmic Milestone: Total Tally of Confirmed Exoplanets — Worlds Beyond the Solar System — Breach 5,000

Astronomers discovered the first-ever exoplanet in the early 1990s. Since then, within decades, the count has gone up exponentially — from tens to hundreds to thousands. This month, in a significant milestone, NASA has put a stamp on at least 5,000 such confirmed planets outside of our solar system! Full story here.

Climate Change

South Shetland Islands in Antarctica.

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(Ethan Daniels / NOAA NMFS SWFSC Antarctic Marine Living Resources (AMLR) Program)

Antarctica Witnesses Freak Heat Waves as March Temperatures Soar 30 ° C Above Normal; Here’s Why!

Antarctica, one of the coldest places globally, has been enduring an increased amount of abnormal summer warming during recent years. Just last month, some parts of the white continent reported freakish heatwaves, with temperatures shooting to 30 ° C above normal. To understand how and why this is happening, read here.

Sci-Simplified: Amazon Approaching Tipping Point, Confirms Study! Will the World’s Largest Rainforest Collapse?

Amazon, the world’s largest tropical rainforest, has been hammered by immense destruction. The impact is so adverse that the rainforest has gradually lost its ability to recover to its natural state after any shock, like droughts and wildfires. And now, a new study has projected that the world’s largest rainforest could be approaching a tipping point. More on this here.


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