Ashland business columnist Paula M Parker endorses return to office

Paula M. Parker

A Sumerian bazaar office environment. Wacky idea? Maybe not.

Post-pandemic, businesses are grappling to redesign the workplace. Remote. Hybrid. Some employees don’t want to return to the office – ever.

Meanwhile, a business must generate revenue; otherwise, it’s just an idea. I’ve been around awhile, producing in and out of an office. As an adviser, here’s what I know to be true: Humans need to be with other humans.

Enter the renaissance of the American workplace, Sumerian bazaar style.

Called trade shows today, Sumerian bazaars and European market fairs have been around since the dawn of civilization. They fill an essential human need – to connect with other humans.

Boom. This applies in business, too. Because there is no identical substitute for communicating face to face. People will say things in person that they’d never say via text or in an email. Conversely, some people would rather eat a bowl of bugs than speak on a Zoom call.

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