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With an eye toward hosting more community events, the Albertville City Council one step closer to establishing an entertainment district encompassing the city’s downtown area.

The city council made a request last September to the State Legislature to draft a bill, which was passed in early March, to allow them to officially form the entertainment district.

If the ordinance is approved, licensed businesses and retailers will now be able to sell and allow patrons to take alcoholic beverages outside within the district during specified times and events and under certain parameters.

The resolution was introduced during a council meeting Monday night, detailing the following rules for the district:

All alcoholic beverages shall be in a shatterproof container that has the designated color and/or the logo of the business or licensee selling it.

No container can hold more than 16 fluid ounces.

Customers are not allowed to go outside a business with more than two open containers of alcohol or more than one open container.

Customers may not take an alcoholic beverage from one business to inside another.

No one may bring their own alcoholic beverages or unapproved beverage containers into the entertainment district. All alcohol consumed in the district must have been purchased from inside the district during the time of the event,

No previously purchased container may be reused or refilled.

The city reserves the right to extend or reduce the days and the hours when, within the district, alcohol may be sold and consumed outside.

According to the resolution, there will still be areas within the district where consuming alcohol will be prohibited, such as automobiles and at private businesses or events that do not allow it. The chief of police will have the authority to close down the district and disperse any crowd at his discretion based on the safety needs of the city.

The city council also passed a resolution related to the rules and regulations for food trucks operating within the entertainment district and elsewhere. The district will have spots reserved for food trucks, which will be assigned on an invite-only basis.

To operate outside of official permitted special events, food trucks will be required to maintain and display a valid City of Albertville business license, as well as maintain and display a valid permit or authorization issued by the Marshall County Health Department.

The council will vote on whether or not to approve the ordinance in an upcoming meeting.

In other business that night, the council:

Approve minutes from the March 7 meeting

This is the time and place set to hear a request from Alabama Teachers Federal Credit Union to rezone property located at 1008 Portwood Drive from M-1 (industrial) to B-2 (business).

Held a public hearing and approved Ordinance No. 1801-22 to rezone property located at 1008 Portwood Drive from M-1 to B-2. The rezoning request was made by Alabama Teachers Federal Credit Union.

Held a public hearing and approved Ordinance No. 1802-22 to annex property located at 21 Autrey Drive into the city limits. The request was made by Matt and Tisha George.

Approved an alcohol license for Mar y Tierra Mexican Cuisine, LLC, located at 3931 Brashers Chapel Road.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to correctly state that the ordinance for the entertainment district was introduced by the City Council, but it has not yet been approved.

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